The legal owner of the Queensryche name is to be decided in court.

For the last year and a half, the two factions of Queensryche have been sniping at each other over the “true” version of the band.

Frontman Geoff Tate was “fired” from the band in June 2012 after clashes with the other band members. The singer formed his own version of the band while the other original members brought in Todd La Torre. Court actions ensued with Tate and his manager wife alleging ownership of the name but the courts allowed both groups to use the Queensryche name while the evidence is being considered.

A trial was scheduled to begin next week on the name; however, both sides have asked the courts to hold off while they continue to work out their differences. Tate was the one to break the silence, telling Palm Beach’s Gater 98.7 “We’re in settlement talks right now. I’m kind of hoping it will all be settled by the end of the month.”

He also stated that it would be in his favor either way the agreement fell. The most likely outcome will be one party having to buy out the Queensryche name from the other.

Drummer Scott Rockenfield told the Oakland Press back in August that “…we just feel good and look at it as a light at the end of the tunnel and keep playing shows and making music. I think when you do that, the right decision will be made in time.”

The trial is now scheduled to start on February 10.

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