John Legend dismisses rumours his wife Chrissy Teigen is pregnant.

The 35-year-old singer married the stunning supermodel last September, and in a recent photo it appears Chrissy may be expecting.

But John says speculation she is carrying their first child together is absolutely silly.

“Chrissy had a bad angle, looked like she had a bump, but it’s not a bump,” John told Extra.

It seems the couple haven’t written off having a family sometime soon though.

According to John, they are making love often with the idea of adding a new addition fresh in their minds.

“We’re practicing every day,” he revealed.

John will be performing at the Grammy Awards this weekend and he is experiencing butterflies in his belly.

But the veteran musician is more worried about his Best R&B Album nomination than his live show.

“I’m still nervous, a little bit about winning the award… It would be really nice if I won,” he said.

“I am really excited about [the performance]. I haven’t performed at the Grammys in a few years.”

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards will be held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles this Sunday.

Numerous A-listers will attend the lavish affair and viewers will see acts like Madonna, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry perform at the ceremony.