VB: I personalised school uniform.

Victoria Beckham was a trendsetter even when she was at school.

The celebrated designer has won high praise for her collections, and has carved herself a successful career in fashion since the Spice Girls split.

Victoria reveals that she has always had an interest in clothes, and during her school days set fashion trends that others liked to follow.

"Even though we had to wear a uniform in class, I tried to personalise it as much as I could, creating my own weird knee sock fashion. I would put a pair on, and another on top of it, which I then pulled down on my leg," she divulged to Vanity Fair Italy and Spain.

"Soon everyone started to wear it like that at school. Every morning my sister and I would make our mother go crazy, cos if we couldn't find the right socks, all hell broke loose!"

Victoria, who celebrates her 40th birthday later this year, has always had a keen eye for designer goods too.

Although her wardrobe wasn't full of the same high end garments as it is today, she did have one designer bag that she loved.

"I used to put my books in a Gucci plastic bag that a friend of my mum's had given her as a present. I used it every single day until it ripped," she laughed.

"I've always loved fashion. I remember I used to lie on my elbows on my mum's bed, and I'd watched her getting ready to go out with dad, in the 80s. It wasn't only clothes that I liked - also her hair, her make-up, the time and the effort that she put to look her best."

Despite all of her fashion credentials, Victoria also confesses that was never one of the "cool" kids at school.

The mother of four was a diligent student, who spent her free time in classes that would help her achieve the training she needed to become a performer.

"I was ambitious. Hard-working. I followed the rules and respected my teachers. After school I had ballet and tap dancing, contemporary dance, acting and singing classes. In the meantime the others skipped their classes or hid for a smoke. They were the cool ones - I wasn't," she remembered.