Justin Bieber has appeared in front of a judge following his alleged DUI in Miami Beach.

The Beauty and the Beat singer was arrested in the early hours of this morning for both driving under the influence and drag racing.

Hours later Justin appeared before Judge Joseph P Farina who set his bond at $2,500.

The breakdown of his bond was $500 for driving on an expired licence, $1000 for DUI, and $1000 for resisting arrest without violence.

The hearing was broadcast on closed circuit television and showed Justin in his orange prison uniform.

The 19-year-old didn’t speak throughout the short arraignment but sported a mournful expression and kept glancing to his left where his legal team were presumably stood.

He also chewed the inside of his mouth and twitched his heavily tattooed left arm.

Meanwhile law enforcement sources have told TMZ exactly what Justin’s alcohol readings were after his arrest.

“Justin blew a .04. That would not automatically make him a drunk driver if he were 21 or older,” the website reports. “But Justin is 19, and Florida has a zero tolerance for underage drinkers who drive and if he blows higher than a .02 it's an automatic licence suspension.

“Remember, he was arrested for DUI for both drugs and alcohol. If booze and drugs impaired his driving, even if it was just a sip of liquor, he can be convicted of DUI.”

As well as the arrest for DUI and drag racing, TMZ earlier reported that Justin was also busted for resisting arrest without violence and driving on an expired licence.

"[Justin] made statements he had consumed some alcohol, been smoking marijuana and consumed some prescription medication,” officials said at a news conference after the Canadian singer’s arrest.

Justin is expected to post bail soon.