Kurt Vile returns to Europe this Spring for a headline solo tour in March and April, following the release of his new EP "it's a big world out there (and i am scared)" and the deluxe edition of his April 2013 album Wakin On A Pretty Daze which received high praise upon release and in end of year polls.

The first solo tour since his latest album, the intimate and unique dates include two UK shows in London (St James Piccadilly, April 12th) and Brighton (All Saint's Church, April 13th) with support from Pall Jenkins of The Black Heart Procession for the majority of shows.

Tickets are on sale now for most dates and available from www.toutpartout.be/Artists/Kurt_Vile. The full list of dates are below.

31st Bad Bonn – Dudingen, Switzerland* - Tickets

1st Gagarin 205 - Athens, Greece * - Tickets
4th Motel Mozaique – Rotterdam, Netherlands - Tickets
5th Hafenklang – Hamburg, Germany * (Tickets on sale 24/1)
6th Hebbel Am Ufer 2 (HAAU) – Berlin, Germany * (Tickets on sale 24/1)
7th Whelans – Dublin, Ireland * - Tickets
9th The Pavillion – Cork, Ireland * - Tickets
10th Cafe de la Danse – Paris, France * - Tickets
11th Vooruit – Gent, Belgium * - Tickets
12th St James Piccadilly – London, UK * - Tickets
13th All Saint’s Church – Brighton, UK * - Tickets
14th Bremen Teater – Copenhagen, Denmark - Tickets
15th Rockefeller – Oslo, Norway - Tickets
16th IKSV – Istanbul, Turkey - Tickets
*Pall Jenkins supports