Justin Bieber was apparently under the influence of drugs when he was arrested.

The 19-year-old popstar was taken in by police in the early hours of this morning when they spotted him drag racing in Miami Beach.

According to the Miami Herald, Justin's entourage had used their cars to block traffic to Pine Tree Drive at 26th Street in order to make a drag strip for the singer.

Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez allegedly told the publication that tests have shown the star was under the influence of drugs.

"Bieber was incoherent, had his hands in his pockets and resisted arrest without violence, Martinez said. He also did not have a valid license, the chief said," Miami Herald writes.

Justin reportedly told police he had consumed a beer, was under the influence of antidepressants and had been smoking marijuana all day.

When he was stopped, he was said to have "unleashed a barrage of f-words".

Justin is thought to be at the police station, where he is waiting to be taken to the county jail for processing. The police have confirmed the arrest on their Twitter page.

Outspoken blogger Perez Hilton has offered his view on the young star.

"I wonder if @JustinBieber is gonna be smiling in his mugshot?... He seems disrespectful enough these days to do it!" he posted on Twitter.

"Fame can really mess people up! Sad. Sad. Sad.

"I'm just glad @JustinBieber didn't KILL anyone while driving under the influence and drag racing!!!!

"Hopefully @JustinBieber's #DUI arrest is what he finally needs to get him to rehab! (sic)"

This isn't Justin's first run in with the law.

The star has been accused of speeding and taking drugs in the past and last week his home was raided in search of evidence he had pelted a neighbour's home with eggs, causing $20,000 of damage.