Max George says “this is not the end” of The Wanted.

The singer took to his Twitter account on Wednesday to assure distraught fans the pop band isn’t permanently going away.

According to Max, it will just be a temporary split so they can try new things as individuals.

“Hey guys, so I know the news today was a big thing, but let me tell you this is not the END,” he wrote. “It's the right time for myself and the other boys to have some time to try and achieve other things in our lives and careers.”

The star goes on to explain he has separate projects to pursue. He also declares that his bandmates Siva Kaneswaran, Nathan Sykes, Jay McGuiness, and Tom Parker, still love their fans.

Max then stated The Wanted will still be on tour in 2014 and are looking forward to performing.

“I can't wait to see everyone who has come to see us on all of our tours in March. And I hope I see you all with me in my own ventures,” added Max. “I love you all very much, and I will say it again, this is NOT the END. #TWFanmilyaFamilyForever xxx.”

The band announced on Wednesday their present tour “will be the last one for a while”.

In their official statement posted on the website, the group made it clear this was a decision they all agreed with.

"The band wants to stress to their fans that they will continue on as The Wanted and look forward to many successful projects together in the future. They thank their fans for their continued love and support and look forward to seeing them on tour," the message read.