Miley Cyrus is having “bed rest rehearsals”.

The singer told fans Sunday she’s been suffering from “the worst stomach flu of all time", and has been forced to stay home in effort to recover.

But that hasn’t stopped Miley from listening to her new album non-stop in order to prepare for her upcoming Bangerz tour, scheduled to kick off in less than a month.

“Listening to #bangerz all day #bedrestrehearsals,” she tweeted on Wednesday.

“my neighbors bout to think I'm reallllllllll narcissistic. #bangerz on dem surrrrround sounnnndddd maaaa faxxxx (sic).”

The 21-year-old star is supposed to kick off her upcoming tour on February 14 in Vancouver, Canada.

But she admits she’s having anxiety about the shows.

“majorly stressing out/so much to do before #bangerztour,” she wrote.

Miley has already said how nervous she is about giving fans a great performance.

In November, the star opened up to MTV News about the anxiety she’s harbouring about hitting the stage.

"I'm ready to be on tour already. I wish I could skip past all the tours and all the rehearsals and all that and how many meltdowns 'cause I get very anxious," she said.

"It keeps getting better and obviously I'm excited about my tour. I get nervous that I'm gonna get there and no one's going to show up, but hopefully some people show up."

The pop star wants fans to see something special, and has been working hard to create a unique experience for them.
According to Miley, her concerts will be a chance for people to step inside her universe.

"I just want everything I do to feel like people going to a different world because people always make it seem I don't fit in to what this normal kind of world is,” she said. “So I want to take people out of the normal world and go into my world.”