Police are reportedly struggling to crack Justin Bieber's phone.

The 19-year-old singer's Calabasas, California, mansion was raided by cops last week in connection with allegations he threw eggs at a neighbour's home causing $20,000 of damage.

Law enforcement officers took Justin's cell phone, but according to TMZ the singer didn't give them his password.

It's claimed they have been trying to get into the technology for the last week, with no success.

"Our sources say the Sheriff's officials now think they may have to get another search warrant - this time from Bieber's phone carrier - to get the elusive texts," reports the site.

The phone was seized by cops so they could see if the alleged egging incident was referred to in text messages.

There have been various reports suggesting the Canadian singer was concerned about other messages on his cell.

Sources suggested there might be drug references and rude pictures on it, although that wasn't corroborated.

It's now been claimed police have no interest in looking at anything other than texts relating to the supposed egging.

According to TMZ they will use a machine which zones in on messages exchanged in a specific time period, meaning they would hone in on any missives sent or received when the neighbour's home was damaged.

If evidence that Justin was involved in the supposed incident is found by police he faces a felony vandalism charge.

The singer doesn't seem overly concerned by the ongoing issues surrounding him and has been on a skiing holiday with friends lately.

He's also been to Miami with a group of pals, where TMZ claims he spent $75,000 at a strip club. It's reported he drew out the money in $1 bills.

Justin is thought to have rekindled his relationship with Selena Gomez recently. Earlier this week RadarOnline published X-rated text messages it claimed he had sent his girlfriend, although her representative quickly dismissed them as fake.