Ke$ha is thanking fans for supporting her during this difficult time.

The singer is currently in rehab getting treatment for an eating disorder. While in the facility, she had a friend post a message on her Twitter account telling fans she appreciates all the kindness and well-wishes sent her way.

"This is Kesha's friend," read the tweet. "She asked me to tweet an update for her because she doesn't have access to Twitter right now. She says 'THANK YOU. SOOO MUCH. I'm overwhelmed to tears by all of the love, letters, and support!! I'll be back soon and better than ever.'"

The friend then followed it up with another message celebrating the fact that Ke$ha and Pitbull’s song Timber is riding high on the Billboard chart.

The 26-year-old is clearly thrilled to still be successful and making progress career-wise, despite her personal issues.

"Ohhh and she can't believe Timber is still number one! Fck YEAH animals! PARTY ON!!!!! (sic)" she tweeted.

Ke$ha entered rehab on January 3, and released a statement saying she would stay there for 30 days.

According to her mother Pebe Sebert, the pop star could have died from her disorder.

"I've watched my beautiful, self-confident, brilliant daughter be berated and ridiculed for her looks and weight to the point that she almost died," Pebe told People magazine.

"The doctors told me her blood pressure and sodium levels were so low, they'd never seen it that low except with someone who'd had a heart attack or stroke. They said it was a miracle she hadn't already dropped dead on stage."