Chris Brown says designing backpacks has been “amazing”.

The musician collaborated with David Ben David from Sprayground Bags and Accessories to create three different backpacks.

According to Chris, the process was extremely fun and fulfilling.

“It’s been an amazing experience working with @dbdland from @Sprayground. Here is an exclusive from our collab,” the star tweeted while linking to his work on the Sprayground online store.

The singer has spoken out in the past about how he wants to try different things. Chris believes he has many talents, and wants to explore all of them.

"I want the world to see my art and hopefully be inspired by it, promote positivity with what I do now - with painting, with fashion, with directing, with creativity as far as videos and cinema," he previously told Hong Kong magazine Prestige. "I want to have people admire that and hopefully have people follow in my footsteps."

Chris also wants to continue trying his hand at being behind the camera, directing music videos and experimenting. The 24-year-old is not setting any limit to what he wants to achieve in every area of his life.

"Not to be arrogant but I want to be the Steven Spielberg of music videos, to be innovative and young, not to put a bar on it just because of budgetary issues or certain capabilities,” he insisted.