Name:Richard Micallef (Firelight)

Home town/city:Rabat

Website / Facebook / Twitter/You Tube/MESC 2014 page links? : Website, Facebook Page and Twitter are all coming soon. And the link to our song is

MESC 2014 Song title: Coming home

What message does your song give? Overcoming a struggle and finding yourself again.

Are you a big Eurovision fan? Why/Why Not?: I would say I'm somewhere in between. I like the good musical aspect of it but don't like the political voting.

Your favourite Maltese Eurovision Song of all time?: Mary Spiteri ..Little child.

Your favourite European Eurovision Song of all time?: This may sound a bit cheesy but it has to be Waterloo , the amount of success that Abba achieved and it all started with that song is something to be noted. Respect.

Who inspires you as an Artist?: I'm quite open minded as a musician and I've learned to appreciate all types of music but saying that my favorite styles of music are country, folk, rock and some pop too. I have quite a few musical influences which include old school bands like The Beatles, Rolling stones, Pink floyd, Queen ,modern bands like Foo fighters , Coldplay, killers, individual artist like Johnny cash, John Denver, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Stevie wonder, Ray Charles, Sting, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, John Mayor, Bruno Mars and many , many more, basically anybody that makes good music inspires me to want to grow as an artist.

Would you share highlights from your music career during the last 12 months? :The past 12 months have been all about getting Firelight together, rehearsing, writing new songs and getting them recorded.

What are your goals in music ? : To keep working hard As a band and hope that our music will be appreciated.

How much time per day do you spend on your music career? : Most of my time is spent on my music career, especially these past few months as we Been working hard to get the album finalized before February.

If you had to choose another Artist to duet with, who would that be and why? Paul McCartney , because he's a legend and it would be probably the highlight of my career.

Tell us why you should be Malta’s representative in Denmark ?: I honestly think that our song stands out in a good way and I think that it's a style that's is very popular in today's music scean.