Ellie Goulding respects risk-takers.

The 27-year-old singer was moved by an episode of UK TV series Don't Look Down, which features presenter Kevin McCloud climbing the side of a building. And she was shocked to see Kevin being heckled as he attempted to conquer his fear of heights.

The star then took to Twitter to slam the naysayer, insisting taking chances is what life is all about.

"Watching 'Don't Look Down' on C4. Incredible stuff," she wrote.

"Then someone shouts to him in the street 'You'll fall next week' Fool. 'He doesn't appreciate his life' He appreciates it more than most by pushing his body to his limits AND always feeling exhilarated," she argued (sic).

"So how is that not appreciating the life you've been given and all you can do with it (sic)."

The comments came just hours after Ellie was caught up in controversy of her own.

The Lights hitmaker prompted furious rumours she had wed after posting a photo of herself wearing a white dress and posing with a male friend with the caption: "Just married LOLZ."

It didn't take long for Ellie to begin backpedaling, however.

"Obviously I am not in fact married," she later wrote.

Ellie admits she's still getting used to being in the spotlight.

The star scored her first number one single in the UK last year with her hit track Burn, and isn't sure she'll ever get used to all the attention.

"It's been such an amazing last six months, everything's just really good and exciting and fun but it's back to work now because I've been chilled out for the past three weeks and now it's like cameras... It's quite scary. You can never really get used to this craziness really," she told HeatWorld.com earlier this month.