Mel C has achieved “balance”.

The Spice Girl turned 40 last Sunday and admits she went a bit wild.

But the key to achieving harmony now, she’s found, is in knowing when to let go and when to cut back.

“Obviously I went crazy at the weekend. We drank tequila, ate cake and that was wonderful,” she told UK newspaper The Mirror. “But the main thing I’ve finally learned over these past 20 years is balance.”

The pop star is known her love for regular exercise and a healthy diet but she also admits cosmetic procedures do offer some appeal. She confesses being in the spotlight makes the idea especially tempting.

“I’m not averse to a bit of Botox and there’s probably not a lot of people in the public eye who haven’t had it. They all have! I avoided it for a long time but then I had it and really loved it. If you have a tiny, tiny bit then I think it’s fine. But it does terrify me, that stuff,” she explained.

"You see people who go too far and I never, ever want to become that person - that person whereby you lose the reality of what you look like.

The singer insisted she’s not afraid to grow old, however.

She’s also found that maturity has helped her to be more forgiving.

“That’s another wonderful thing about ageing,” she said. “Learning to be a bit kinder to yourself.”