Lewis Hamilton has reportedly asked Nicole Scherzinger to move to Monaco.

The two stars split last year following an on/off relationship since 2008. They are now thought to have reunited, with claims Formula One ace Lewis has realised he can't be without the 35-year-old singer.

He is rumoured to be planning to propose and it's now been reported he has asked Nicole to give up her London, UK, home and move in with him in Monaco.

"Nicole is giving serious thought to moving in with Lewis," an insider told British newspaper The Sun.

"Both sets of families are behind them being back together and she and Lewis say it feels right.

"They know they can't keep splitting up and getting back together, so more commitment is the next step.

"After reuniting at Christmas, Lewis has decided he wants Nicole at his side for good."

To help ease Nicole's fears about making such a drastic change, Lewis has apparently promised her use of his private jet whenever she needs it. This should make it easier for her to be in London for work when necessary.

Lewis moved into his Monaco property in 2012 and is said to be completely settled there. One of his favourite things about the area is that he is able to lead a normal life without being approached by sports fans all the time.

"Nicole is always travelling all over the world with work, but rather than LA and London, Lewis wants their base to be in Monaco," the insider explained.

"They can go about there and no one pays them any attention, that's what he likes about the place.

"Nicole is mulling things over. They have been talking a lot about the future."