William. H Macy says One Direction “couldn’t put on a good show with a gun to their head”.

The 63-year-old Academy Award nominated actor recently attended one of the boy band’s concerts with his 13-year-old daughter Sophia.

And although the teenager loved the show, William claims he was bored to tears.

"I've been in showbiz all my life. So, let me just say, those guys can sing. They're very talented. They couldn't put on a good show with a gun to their head,” he said during an interview on Live With Kenny and Michael on Thursday.

William says he witnessed Harry Styles doing something extremely strange onstage while his bandmates performed.

Apparently the teen heartthrob was starving and couldn’t help but sneak in a bite to eat midshow.

“Harry ate a sandwich while two of his guys were singing. I mean call me old-fashioned, but when I'm downstage singing my heart out, you better not eat a sandwich behind me," he exclaimed.

William also had a problem with what the group wore, as he was sick of watching them perform in “crappy jeans and stupid T-shirts” throughout the show.

But the thespian knows he’ll be exposed to One Direction often in the future, as his children are big fans.

“Sophia is crazy about One Direction,” he said.

“And she has this life-sized standup cutout of Harry Styles in her room. It scares the sh*t out of me everytime I walk in. It’s been there for six months and I keep walking in going, ‘AH!’”