Cee Lo Green hopes his lawyer will win him “total exoneration”.

The 38-year-old musician was accused of slipping drugs into an unnamed woman’s drink and he has been charged with felony ecstasy possession.

On Thursday The Voice US coach visited a Los Angeles courthouse with his power attorney Blair Berk in tow, and when asked by TMZ reporters if he is confident about being found guilt-free, Green’s message was clear.

“I do, I got the best lawyer in LA,” he replied as he strided alongside Berk into the building.

The star also told reporters just before entering the courthouse that the best outcome he can think of winning on the matter is “total exoneration”.

Green pled not guilty last November to charges he drugged a lady while he was out on a date at a Los Angeles sushi restaurant with her.

A woman claimed the late 2012 rendezvous saw the singer slipping ecstasy into her drink during their meal, and after this she woke up from a daze several hours later naked in his bed.

The woman previously claimed to have a tape recording of Cee Lo discussing the incident, and while he seemingly didn’t say he had slipped ecstasy into her drink, he did make reference to the drug.

Should Green be convicted of furnishing ecstasy to the female he faces up to four years in prison.

He was also accused of sexually assaulting the woman, but due to insufficient evidence the Los Angeles Country District Attorney’s office dropped the charge.