Sean Penn honours his ex-wife Madonna’s contribution to Haiti.

The pop star joined the actor in the Caribbean country last November in order garner publicity for Sean’s charity J/P Haiti Relief Organization.

And Sean said it didn’t take much to convince Madonna to make an appearance.

"I don't know if I called her or if it was one time that we ran into each other but, I said, 'Would you like to come down?'" he told E! Online at his Help Haiti Home benefit gala in Beverly Hills last Saturday.

"She said she would. She came down with her son Rocco and it was great to have them down there."

Sean noted Madonna’s visit coupled with other stopovers by celebrities show society “the enormous amount of change that’s happened in Haiti”.

He has been committed to rebuilding the country since it suffered a devastating earthquake in 2010 and he knows awareness of what needs to be done is essential to progress.

"The value of what was done in the first place ends up at zero if we don't continue and finish the support aspect of it that allows Haiti to be independent," he said. "We're moving there."

Sean’s benefit last weekend raised $6 million for his Haitian charity.

Famous American reporter Anderson Cooper won a Jeff Koons sculpture made out of Sean’s decommissioned gun collection for $1.4 million during the live auction.

It is claimed Sean’s new girlfriend, South African actress Charlize Theron convinced him to get rid of his firearms.

She was also in attendance at Saturday’s event and the loving couple were cuddling and kissing throughout the affair.

The two stars are known to be good friends and were first romantically linked when Charlize split from her long-term boyfriend Stuart Townsend in 2010.