Paris Hilton is adding a "man cave" to the mini mansion occupied by her dogs.

The hotel heiress has shown off her doggy mansion in the past, which comes complete with air conditioning, furniture and chandelier.

And now Paris has admitted that their pad is expanding to incorporate a "man cave".

"It's really cool, I think they will love it," Paris said to TMZ.

The star first showcased the house on Twitter back in 2009.

Writing on her Twitter page about the house at the time Paris admitted she couldn't help but spoil them.

"I love and treat my puppies as if they were my own children," she wrote.

"I have to admit, I may have spoiled them a little too much. But how can I not? Just look at those sweet lil' faces (sic)."

The mini doggie mansion is beside Paris' pool and is a replica of her own Beverley Hills home.

The dogs have their own pink wardrobes, black chandeliers and a Chewy Vuitton dog bed.

It is reported that Paris has around 20 dogs including Chihuahuas.

Animal lover Paris also has a cat called Shorty, two rats called Jaq and Gus, a parrot, a rabbit and even a pig called Princess Pigelette.

Paris can easily afford to add the extension to her canine crib after it was reported recently that she has signed a $400k DJ deal.

The former The Simple Life star has inked an agreement for a short residency at The Pool at Harrah's Casino in Atlantic City, according to Page Six.