Lucy Hale says her new music is “really genuine”.

The Pretty Little Liars star has been working on her solo debut for almost two years now.

Lucy’s single You Sound Good To Me has just been released, and according to the singer it was worth the wait.

"I always just said I don't want to release anything until I feel, like, 100 percent comfortable with it, and I wanted it to feel really genuine," she told MTV News.

The actress acknowledges some of her followers were getting annoyed by how long it was taking for her to put music out.

But on the whole, the 24-year-old is grateful for all the encouragement she has received from her fans and other people in the industry.

"Some of them were a little frustrated because things were so up in the air with it for a while," Lucy admitted.

"I'm blown away with the love and support that's shown from the country community, from the music community and from the people that have kept up with me. I'm unbelievably lucky."

It’s not just fans who have shown their encouragement for Lucy – her Pretty Little Liars castmates have also reached out.

The star is thrilled and grateful to have so many people rooting for her to succeed.

"I think I got a text message from every single [castmate]," she gushed. "And a lot of them are not necessarily country music fans, but still super supportive, you know, because they've all known from the beginning that this is my passion and this is something that I've wanted to do forever and, you know just very sweet.”