Belle and Sebastian join an exciting roster of talent as they enter into a new publishing deal with Polar Patrol Publishing, an artist-led, pro-active, publishing company for musicians, set up in 2010 by Snow Patrol.

Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody commented “We couldn't be happier about signing Belle and Sebastian. We have known them for nearly twenty years as they were signed to Jeepster Records the same time we were in the mid-nineties. They are an extraordinary band, who not only write great, enduring songs, but have over many years woven magic and wonder into tales of ordinary life. And in the time of twitter when it seems every detail of every life is up there for all to see they somehow retain an element of rare and alluring mystery."

Belle and Sebastian’s forthcoming, ninth studio album which is due for worldwide release on Matador Records later this year will be published by Polar Patrol after a deal was struck between the band and the young, hands on publishing company at the end of 2013. Belle and Sebastian leave Sony/ATV, where they were originally signed by Polar Patrol's co-director ,Steve Farris in his then role as A&R Manager for Sony/ATV, after eight albums.

With offices and writing rooms at The Church Studios in Crouch End, Polar Patrol specialise in nurturing new talent and developing artists, they do not restrict their roster to any particular genre, as Jonny Quinn explains:

"There is no agenda - if it's good enough and we believe in it 110%, we will sign it." And on signing Belle and Sebastian Jonny has this to say: “"Polar are over the moon with recent signing Belle and Sebastian, seems fitting after winning Q 'spirit of independence award' last year to team up with our boutique publishing house. Belle and Sebastian release a new album this year alongside a host of other belters on our roster: Wonder Villains, Little Matador, Malpas, Here We Go Magic, Glass Ghost and Bo Bruce”