will.i.am says Jessie J gets "feisty" in clubs.

The singers were both judges-and-mentors on The Voice UK, but Jessie decided not to return this year and has been replaced by Kylie Minogue.

She was known for speaking her mind during her time on the panel and will says she's exactly the same on a night out.

"She's feisty at the club. I wanted vodka water and she was like, 'No, you need champagne!'" he laughed to British magazine new!

Fellow coach Sir Tom Jones added: "Yeah, and she's Jessie J and that's the way she is. She looks at life like that. She's a full-on person."

The Script's Danny O'Donoghue served on the panel alongside Jessie, but also decided to leave and was replaced by the Kaiser Chiefs' Ricky Wilson for this year.

Tom was evasive when asked if he missed Jessie's presence on the show.

"She, erm... That's a question that I didn't think about," he admitted.

"I'm friendly with Jessie. I talk to her, so if she didn't want to do it, you know... When somebody else has other things to do... I can't speak for Jessie, I don't know exactly why she didn't come back but there must be other reasons. She had to do other things and the same thing with Danny."

will entertains contestants and viewers with his sense of humour on the show.

However, he did think twice before returning without Jessie.

"I had to think about it," he confessed.

"I went to the meeting and I thought, 'Who's going to fill Jessie's seat?' Then I thought, 'Oh, Kylie's in, I'll do it,' because I really like Kylie - her music, personality and what she's experienced."