Kylie Minogue has joked she needs "booster seats".

The Australian popstar is famous for her pert butt and being extremely petite, standing at just over 5ft. tall.

She's a judge-and-mentor on the UK edition of talent show The Voice, which means she takes a seat in one of the iconic big red chairs.

"I thought it could look pretty comical, me being in that huge chair!" she laughed to the British edition of OK! magazine.

"In the initial meeting I had joked, 'Maybe I'll need a booster seat!' That was not employed, but the box [a small footstool] makes me way more comfortable. Although the guys' feet don't touch the floor either! The chairs are massive and they have to be because if you're leaning a certain way, you might catch a peripheral glimpse of something you're not meant to see."

The Voice operates on the fact that the judges can't see the contestant during their initial audition.

Joining Kylie, 45, on the panel are, Ricky Wilson and Sir Tom Jones.

While they'll be working together closely, there hasn't been a chance to bond with a big night out.

"There's no time!" she admitted.

"No I know why will keeps all his devices in his chair because there's just no time to do anything!"

Kylie's younger sister is 42-year-old star Dannii.

The brunette was the winning judge on last year's The X Factor Australia, so is the perfect person to offer Kylie words of wisdom.