Want an autograph of Paul McCartney for your collection? Get ready to fork over a bit more than $3,000.

Four musicians are currently on the list of the top ten autographs from living musicians compiled by Paul Fraser of Paul Fraser Collectibles for the site News-Antique.com and based on the PFC40 Autograph Index.

Fidel Castro is the most expensive at $5,732 followed by a tie between McCartney and Prince William at $3,275. Paul's autograph value has grown by an average of over 20% per year since 2000.

Just under at $3,200 is Bob Dylan whose public aloofness makes his signature a tough one to find.

At number 9 is Ringo Starr which you can get on the auction market for around $1,750. His autograph has been growing at the same pace as his fellow Beatle, McCartney.

Finally, Madonna is tenth on the list with a signature worth $1,630. Madge's number is growing like the Fab Four's, up only 7.8% annually since 2000.

All are dwarfed, naturally, by the autographs of those that have passed. James Dean's is the most valuable individual in entertainment at $25,000 but a piece with the signatures of all four Beatles is the overall biggest at $44,500.

Other living figures in the top ten are Tiger Woods, Queen Elizabeth II, Muhammad Ali and J.K. Rowling.

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