Motley Crue will be all over soon … after one farewell tour.

The veteran metal hair band tweeted their impending demise with an image that feature a crucifix-shaped tombstone and the word ‘RIP MÖTLEY CRÜE All bad things must come to an end Save The Date 1/28/14’.

Motley Crue will hold a media conference on that date to give details of the farewell tour.

Motley Crue's most recent shows were their Las Vegas residency at the Hard Rock in September and October, 2013. In March 2013 they toured Australia with Kiss.

Back in October Nikki Sixx told Rolling Stone that 2014 would be the start of the final tour for Motley Crue and worded his answer to suggest that their will be no reunions, unlike their buddies Kiss.

“The most important thing about a farewell tour is that the band doesn’t lie to the fans, and the band doesn’t tour and then come back years later, Neil said. “That’s what’s important for us, planning what’s the right time to go out.

“We have a great fan base, we have original fans all the way down to teenagers, and we really feel grateful to that and we continue to reinvent ourselves over the years”.

Kiss justified their multiple reunions by saying when they had their first farewell tour they meant it to be the end. They only came back when the fans demanded it later. So at least that precedent gibes Motley Crue an out-clause if they choose to reunite down the track.

Fans can expect a big farewell for the L.A. band, “When that day comes, that’s what I want: one big fucking huge party to celebrate what we’ve done, all the good, all the bad, all the in-between. There it is, one big party, one final bow. It’s gonna be fucking rad”, Sixx told Rolling Stone.

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