Three weeks ago, Ian McLagan shot down almost any chance of a Faces reunion with Rod Stewart for 2015 because it would interfere with the 50th anniversary celebration of the Small Faces.

The other surviving member of the original Small Faces, Kenney Jones, seems to be seeing things a bit different, telling Billboard that there very well may be room for tours by both groups.

In that conversation, Jones told the magazine "We've been talking; Woody's (guitarist Ron Wood) management and myself, we were talking to Rod's management." He went on to say a reunion "would be lovely to do, we've been talking about it (for) long enough. You've got to start talking about it about a year ahead of you're going to do something. The Faces never finished on a good note (in 1975), so it would be nice to finish on a good note, and that would be that."

Jones did not blame McLagan for his previous statement about the possibility of a reunion. At the time, Stewart had announced that he was interested in one for 2015 which took Ian by surprise after many previous attempts fell through. Jones also said that McLagan was not aware that some talks had started.

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