Kevin Jonas has settled on a “cute” baby name.

The 26-year-old former Jonas Brothers singer is currently expecting his first child with wife Danielle.

And although they now know what to call their tyke, the couple refuse to reveal its name to the public.

"We're not telling anyone the name, but we have a name," told Us Weekly magazine.

"[The] middle name has a lot of meaning, but her first name is . . . different enough but not totally out there. It's cute."
Kevin confesses he is suffering from pre-birth nerves.

Although he of course will not be delivering the child himself, he fears after they leave the hospital the new parents might make mistakes caring for their little girl.

"I think I will become more nervous when -- not even in the hospital cause there’s nurses -- when we walk through that door and she's in our house," Kevin confessed.

"She's home and we're by ourselves now . . . should be interesting. Luckily, we have two good families that hopefully are willing to help us out as much as we ask."

Although he is anxious, Kevin is mostly overjoyed about becoming a father.

He is looking forward to welcoming his and Danielle’s daughter.

"I can't wait for Daddy days," he gushed.

"I'm excited for the days I can just spend with her by myself. I want to take her to not typical little girlie things. I want to go to baseball games with her. Even just time at home -- me and her one-on-one while [Danielle] goes to the grocery store or out with her friends. Something to give her a break too. She deserves it."