Lady Gaga is reportedly opening a Michael Jackson museum.

The singer is a huge fan of the late superstar, and she wants a safe, secure location to showcase her immense collection of his memorabilia.

According to the singer, all proceeds from the museum will go to charity.

“I will put together a museum and put the money to a foundation he cares about,” Gaga told UK newspaper The Mirror. “The reason I bought Michael’s clothes was because my tour clothes mean more to me than anything, my awards, records. I believe they carry the energy and memories of the night.

“With Michael’s clothes being sold when he was not here made me feel really uncomfortable, upset and I don’t why. I take care of them – they are in the right temperature and are preserved. I have spent millions.”

Gaga bought some of the items under a fake name, to make sure she was getting a deal. The 27-year-old has apparently been planning this for years.

“Gaga is a huge Michael fan, and she feels that there needs to be a real museum to celebrate his life and work,” a source said. “She has been stocking up on items from all over the world. Some of her purchases have been under different names so that she is not overpaying for artifacts. But now she has a few pieces she is planning out the next stage of where the location for the museum should be.”

The Applause star is apparently thinking about having the museum in Gary, Indiana, which is MJ’s hometown. Gaga will need to get permission from his estate, which owns the copyright to his name and image.