Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are “ready to officially be boyfriend and girlfriend”.

The couple recently rekindled their on-again-off-again love affair, and were spotted taking a camping trip over the weekend.

While neither Justin nor Selena has made any comment about being back together, they are apparently almost ready to announce it.

“Nothing is official but its pretty much a foregone conclusion that they are gearing up to make things official and start a relationship soon,” a source told Hollywood Life. “Justin is putting on the full court press to make things work with Selena and trying to make her not listen to all her friends who are against it. Selena is in a jam between her feelings and her friends but Justin will get his way soon enough.”

Justin has made it clear how much Selena means to him, hinting that song Heartbreaker is about the singer.

"It's a song for people going through heartbreak—like I was when I wrote it,” he tweeted. “It means so much to me to be able to share what I was, and still am, going through, with my fans. I'm very proud of this song and I hope it gives my fans some insight into my heart."

Selena appreciated the effort, saying Justin’s songwriting talent impressed her. According to the star, Justin has really grown as an artist.

"Honestly that's what's so beautiful though about music,” she told KISS 98.5. “Especially him, he's super talented at being able to use what he feels and interpret that through music. I mean it's what you do to grow as an artist, it's what I've done and many people do. It's sweet."