Stevie Nicks says John Mayer and Katy Perry are “a great couple”.

The legendary singer dedicated a song to the pair when she spotted them at her Las Vegas concert over the holidays.
According to Stevie, Katy and John are meant to be together.

“I just saw them on December 30 in Vegas, and that's where I dedicated Landslide to them,” she told Us Magazine.

“They seem to be a really great couple, and they seem to really care about each other. I am just hoping for the best for them. It would be great if that relationship really worked out and they were together forever.”

The musician goes on to explain she thinks both Katy and John have changed a lot since they first started their on-again-off again relationship in 2012. Stevie believes their growth as individuals means this time their love will last.

“I think they're really good for each other. They're very different people, and that's the best way to go out with somebody,” Stevie said.

The 65-year-old is also a huge fan of John and Katy as individual artists, appreciating both their talents. The Fleetwood Mac star claims to listen to both their music and thinks they have very different styles.

“I like Katy's songs and her energy. I dance to them and I treadmill to them,” Stevie said. “I think Katy's really fun, funny and quirky. And I have been friends with John Mayer for a long time. I think John Mayer is one of the finest songwriters ever. He is right up there with James Taylor, Don Henley and those people.”