Cher has no time for "idiots".

The 67-year-old diva, known for speaking her mind on social media, reached out to a fan on Twitter who threatened to leave one of her fan clubs due to cyber bullying.

"The crew has changed so much I am done. People are cussing each other out and using bad language to each other. I don't like who we have. I'm sorry but I can't do it anymore. Goodbye crew and goodbye," the fan, using the handle streeper14#chercrew, wrote.

But Cher was quick to respond.

Within minutes she addressed her fan's concern, and slammed anyone spewing vitriol at her admirers.

"whats all this Nonsense ! Leaving is silly. Pay NO ATTENTION 2 IDIOTS !! They're Everywhere," the star wrote (sic).

Cher's response appeared to do the trick. Moments later, the distraught person assured others she wasn't leaving.
The pop star is notoriously protective of her fans, and will soon be hitting the road to perform for thousands of them across the US and Canada.

Her Dressed to Kill tour is scheduled to kick off March 19 in Northampton, Pennsylvania and she's promised to be as provocative as ever, recently revealing she can still even squeeze into her famous fishnet bodystocking from the music video for her 1989 hit If I Could Turn Back Time.

"People love that I can still wear it on stage. I wore it for my shows in Las Vegas [from 2008 to 2011]," she recently told UK newspaper The Sun.

"A friend said to me that a woman is sexy while she can still put on her stockings," she continued, musing, "I thought, 'I can do better than that, I can still put on my body stocking'. They'll probably even dress me in it when I'm dead."