Victoria Beckham is reportedly "embarrassed" that David hasn't received a knighthood.

The former soccer star was widely tipped to be present in the New Year's honours list, but his name was missing when it was released at the beginning of 2014.

It's been claimed there was a fierce debate about whether he deserved the accolade and it was eventually handed to someone else.

David's wife Victoria is said to be mortified by the turn of events as she had totally expected him to become a Sir.

"Victoria's so embarrassed - she's told a lot of people in LA that they'd been led to expect it. It totally ruined the holiday," an insider told British magazine Heat.

The family have experienced further problems over the festive period as their getaway apparently hasn't gone to plan. The couple and their four children jetted to the Maldives for a sunshine break, but unfortunately it hasn't lived up to their expectations.

"Victoria says that while it hasn't been wet the whole time, when it does rain, it really pours. It's been overcast, too," the source explained. "She says it's the second year running that it's happened [the family spent last year there, too] and maybe the Maldives aren't for them."

Causing further problems was the discovery of a dead body near the exclusive seven-star resort the family are staying at. A building which fireworks were being stored in also caught on fire, causing all of them to be set off at once.

"Although the Beckhams didn't see the body, Victoria said that the boys were asking a lot of questions and it brought a lot of unwanted attention to the resort," the insider said.