Lucy Hale is relieved she no longer has to "hide behind a character".

The star rose to fame playing Aria Montgomery in ABC Family's hit show Pretty Little Liars.

She's now launching a country music career with her first single You Sound Good to Me, which she sees as a good breather from acting.

"It's nice to get to finally be myself. I don't have to hide behind a character, wardrobe or dialogue. #CMchat," she admitted during a Twitter chat for

"I just hope people see me with a fresh pair of eyes & ears. And that I appreciate the support people have shown. It pumps me up! #CMchat (sic)."

The 24-year-old has always been interested in music, but it was acting that launched her showbiz career.

It's often seen as a risky move when actors move into singing, but Lucy is all about diving in at the deep end.

"Being someone that's creative, I'm always looking for diff outlets. Acting was a surprise interest that came along the way. #CMchat," she revealed.

"I respect people who take risks, break away from the mold, but stay true to who they inherently are. #CMchat (sic)."
Lucy also shared that she is keen to "evoke an emotion" while singing.

The star is trying to teach herself to relax by reading and "lounging" and her hobbies include running, hiking and catching up with friends.

Fans will also have been excited to see her reveal something they didn't previously know.

"I can shoot a bow & arrow pretty well...and I can do a 3 leaf clover with my tongue. #CMchat (sic)," she divulged.
You Sound Good to Me is available on iTunes now and Lucy's debut album will follow later in the year.