Harry Styles has reportedly bonded with Bruce Jenner over golf.

Rumours that Harry is romantically involved with Bruce's daughter Kendall have been circulating for months, and the pair have been spotted out together on numerous occasions.

And now sources reveal that Harry has impressed Bruce with his knowledge of golf, winning his approval to date Kendall.

"When Harry and Bruce met at his Malibu home a couple of weeks ago, Harry charmed his way through the visit by talking about golf. Bruce is very protective when it comes to his daughters.

"He's experienced how difficult it's been to have a relationship in the public eye with his estranged wife Kris. Harry wasn't in for an easy ride but things couldn't have gone better, all thanks to golf," an insider told British newspaper the Daily Star.

Harry has had a string of failed high-profile relationships in the past, including with Taylor Swift and British TV presenter Caroline Flack.

Despite dating in the spotlight, 19-year-old Harry revealed that he has only ever slept with two people to GQ magazine last year.

This might be another reason why Bruce took a shine to the One Direction heartthrob.

Kendall and Harry have shared a close friendship in the past, and Harry even jetted back from Paris when the 18-year-old was visiting London last month.

This allegedly angered the rest of the members of One Direction, who are said to be wary of Kendall's intentions.

"She flew over and surprised him and Harry visited her at a hotel. They're accusing her of using Harry to land London-based modelling gigs," a source told heatworld.com.

"Kendall has already told Harry that she wants to move part-time to London to make a go in the fashion world, modelling and designing."