Jordin Sparks “got a little addicted” to her Nintendo.

The 24-year-old singer confesses she has been entertaining herself with video game Animal Crossing quite frequently lately.

The star finds herself playing almost all the time.

“I’ve been playing this new Nintendo 3DS game called Animal Crossing,” she told America’s OK! magazine.

“You get to be the mayor of your own town, decide what to name it, build your own house and design all of your outfits. I got a little addicted to it. I would wake up and play, sit down and play, be in the car and still be playing…”

Jordin has been dating Jason Derülo for well over a year and they have already spoken about getting married.
Although the couple are clearly smitten with each other, Jason remained coy when asked whether he’ll be popping the question anytime soon.

"Um, you know, at some point..." he remarked during a recent interview with Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O.

As the couple are both in show business, they often have to spend time apart. That can be hard on their relationship, but they have found ways to ensure they don’t miss each other too much.

“Jordin and I Skype and Facetime every day – and talk dirty a bit too! I get some shocking messages from fans – it’s crazy. I’m like, ‘Is this a real person? Do they know other people are looking at this message?’ They don’t care that everyone sees it!” he giggled to Now magazine.