Taylor Swift is experiencing “a whole new level of hate” from neighbours.

The 24-year-old singer is renovating the coastline off her beachfront Rhode Island mansion, which is angering residents in the town of Westerly.

And locals seem to be getting more irate with the construction each day.

"It was bad enough when she moved in, but to ruin a part of the town for all of us ... this is a whole new level of hate,” one neighbour told TMZ.

Although it was previously reported the remodelling was being done illegally, Taylor’s representatives have confirmed to the website she has indeed secured the proper permits for the work.

But residents are still incensed over her team “moving tons of coastline rocks in the process”.

Surfers told the outlet “the wall under construction around Taylor's 11,000 square foot mansion is messing with the wave break”.

Others claim the barricade she is building restricts access to a beach they have enjoyed for several years.

Apparently Taylor is working within strict guidelines set out by city regulators.

“Her people say government officials actually asked her to move some of the rocks that had drifted into the ocean back to her property line and that's what residents are seeing,” the website writes.

“They also claim the wall she's building is in the same spot as the original wall that was constructed decades ago but eroded over time.”

This isn’t the first time the country singer has annoyed her neighbours.

Her security guards have previously been criticised for overzealously patrolling the public beach walk and sea wall below her property.

She also erected several noticeable No Trespassing signs on her property that said “I knew you were trouble when you walked in.”