The normally private Brian May has taken to his website to give some fairly alarming news on his recent health problems.

Earlier this year, May had knee replacement surgery and, in September, started to have some fairly serious pain in his "backside". He worked through the problems but found they had gotten severe enough by mid-December that he could no longer stand for any length of time.

May's doctor sent him for an MRI which is when things started to fall apart:

The scans showed up all kinds of mechanical disc and vertebra problems that might be the cause of the pain, but there were also some abnormalities in the bones - things that the report said needed urgent attention. So around Christmas I've been having a succession of blood tests, ultrasounds, and various kinds of scans, to see if they could rule out various kinds of cancer.
The good news is, after more tests, there is no evidence of cancer in the abnormalities although a final procedure is set for Monday. Plus, his son Jimmy is a physical therapist who was able to treat Brian to give him a relatively pain free Christmas.

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