Katy Perry has exposed her “raw, organic side”.

The 29-year-old singer recently released duet Who You Love, which she recorded with her boyfriend John Mayer.

And the star says she bared her soul on the track in an unprecedented fashion.

“We did an incredible duet called Who You Love that is a beautiful song I am so proud of because people hear it and they hear a different side of me,” Katy told Extra.

“They almost hear a more raw, organic side of me.”

Katy was officially divorced from British comedian Russell Brand in 2012 and she is now incredibly happy in her romance with John.

She acknowledges her new beau fulfills her needs and sharing the same occupation with John adds another level of intimacy.

“There’s a lot more understanding of context and that’s very nice,” she explained.

“And also you get to share music! The dance parties are much more fun.”

The stunning songstress believes many of the songs on her new album Prism are emotionally multidimensional.

And she confesses that much of her recent music, style and promotional art spawns from her love of the 1990s.

“I think it just kind of came from the era I never really got to live in,” Katy said.

“I was born in ‘84 and I grew up in a very sheltered household. I’m all about this schoolgirl skirt and a fuzzy sweater.”