Miley Cyrus is the “voice of a generation”.
The Wrecking Ball singer shed her Disney star image over the past year, orchestrating some of the most talked about performances of 2013.
But the 21-year-old star isn't consciously trying to shock, and confesses that she isn't comfortable with people calling her a role model.
"I think people are fascinated ‘cos I'm a voice of a whole generation. Not because I think I'm like any role model, ‘cos I don't want that title. Role models should be real heroes who've done real things. If people don't understand what I'm doing, they'll never get me," Miley told British magazine Now.
Describing her performances as a natural evolution, the past year has seen Miley make headlines with a series of sexually provocative performances.
She showed off her famous twerking dance moves when she performed alongside Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards in August, wearing nude coloured underwear and waving round a foam finger in a sexual manner.
"I didn't know how people would react, although I wanted to shake things up. It turned out to be more chaotic than I imagined and I love it.
"This is the kind of energy you want to create because it's going against the grain - and because so many people are attacking you, it's even better. You're pushing the limits of what society thinks you should be allowed to do," she explained.
Since the evolution of adult Miley, critics have been quick to slam her sexually explicit antics.
But the negative comments don't faze the We Can't Stop singer, who thinks parents approach the subject of sex in the wrong way.
"There's a big misconception when it comes to young people and sex. Kids can see almost everything on TV or the internet now, so it doesn't make sense for parents not to talk to their kids about sex or pretend teens aren't thinking about it.
"Sex should be something very beautiful and expressive. It shouldn't be covered up and people made to feel ashamed about it. That's what creates problems and f**ks people up," she fumed.