Cosmopolitan Body, Cosmopolitan's health and fitness spin-off magazine, interview's The Saturday's Una Foden (on sale 27th December). Check out some snippets ahead of her appearing in Splash! on ITV soon.

She talks about wanting her daughter to become a sports woman, hating the bathroom scales, her aversion to diets and her body icon - Miranda Kerr.

“I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I enjoy savoury food like crisps and chips. I tend to eat quite well, but we do watch X Factor with an Indian or Chinese takeaway. I love cheese and crackers too. I have a drink every now and then, but, since having my daughter Aoife, I’m not as big a partygoer as I used to be. When I do go out, there’s definitely a glimmer of party animal in me! It’ll be 3am and I’ll still be dancing.”

On celeb diets

“I’m not into any fad eating regimes, I just eat well and avoid bad foods. I don’t do diets, the only thing I’ve tried is a meal delivery service six weeks after Aoife was born, but I found myself adding extra carbs to the meals to bulk them out. Loads of these ‘celeb diets’ require strange foods that you have to go searching for – not ideal.”

The post-baby body

“I had a healthy weight gain of 2st during my pregnancy, so I shed the weight naturally and quite quickly after Aoife was born. I’ve definitely become more conscious of my tummy area since giving birth though. I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight now – I fluctuate around 8.5st, although only ever by a few pounds... The most important focus for a new mum is her baby – you just have to be quite selfless and not think of yourself as much. I tried to eat well and go for walks - it’s good for a baby to get fresh air too.”

Her baby girl Aoife-Belle

“I’m hoping that Aoife will take after Ben and me when it comes to sport. I was very active as a kid (I used to swim competitively growing up and, like me, Aoife has no fear of water) plus Ben’s very sporty and speedy, obviously, so I think she’ll be quite fast on her feet. I will definitely encourage her to do sport as it’s great for building confidence.”

On babies

“I was very broody immediately after Aoife’s birth, and even after meeting Rochelle’s little girl Alaia-Mai. But now I’m just enjoying Aoife being young. I’m excited for The Saturdays to go on tour in 2014, so Ben and I aren’t thinking about having another baby just yet…”

The weighing scales

“I hate weighing myself because the number can vary so much from day to day, so I don’t think it’s a great idea. For me, it’s more about when my jeans are getting too tight!”

Her body inspiration

“Miranda Kerr has such a great figure – she’s just so toned, fit and healthy. She looks like she really works on that body. I know she does yoga, which is something I’ve been meaning to try.”

Her rugby-playing hubby

“Ben and I don’t work out together, but he will give me pointers if my technique isn’t right. He’s all muscle, but he’s not vain. When we were on ITV’s All Star Mr and Mrs, we were asked who looks better in the morning and we both said him – he just looks good from the moment he rolls out of bed, whereas I spend half an hour putting makeup on before I leave the house. When I’m in a bad mood, there’s nothing better than being on the couch with Ben and a cup of tea; I always sit on one end with my legs on his lap and he tickles my feet. He’ll do almost anything I ask him to, and recently he was my guinea pig for a new sun-kissed hair dye I wanted to try.”