Jennifer Hudson’s son dresses up as a “little elf” for Christmas.

The singer-and-actress has her own charity called The Julian D. King Gift Foundation. This organisation was set up to provide support for children to enable them to become well-adjusted adults.

She and her sister Julia are also the founders of The Hudson-King Foundation for Families of Slain Victims, established after their mother, brother and Julia’s son were murdered by Julia’s estranged husband.

Every Christmas Jennifer sets out to help others in difficult circumstances and her four-year-old son David, who she has with fiancé David Otunga, plays a big part.

“My new holiday tradition is all about sharing and giving back through the foundation in memory of my nephew, because we want to make sure no kid is ever without. We have a dinner for children who we nominate. They have to do well in school and we grant them whatever their Christmas wish is. Then we have a toy drive,” she explained.

“David gets to learn the real meaning of Christmas because of our foundation. He dresses up as a little elf and passes out gifts to the other children. That way it’s about giving and blessing other people; it’s not always about getting.”

Jennifer also makes sure to attend church regularly around the festive season. She recalled how she used to sit on her mother’s lap in the choir stand when little.

“On Sundays we had Sunday school, morning service and then evening service,” she reminisced. “Tuesdays we had choir rehearsal and Wednesdays we did Bible study. On Mondays, I don’t even know why we were in church but we were there! Religion has been my life. That’s my base.”