Leona Lewis avoids the shops at Christmas so she doesn’t get side tracked.

The Bleeding Love singer confesses that when she ventures out to buy her gifts she usually ends up treating herself too.

So instead Leona chooses to online shop, ensuring all her loved ones get a present they want.

“I like to do it online, because then I don’t get side tracked. When I go shopping, it’s one thing for someone, then a present for myself,” she laughed to Britain’s Star magazine.

Christmas is a special time for the 28-year-old. As well as spending time with those closest to her, she is also safe in the knowledge that the whole day will be free from work.

“It’s the one day I know I have off. I know I’ll see my family and friends, and I get so, so excited,” she enthused.

The singer has been working hard in the run up to the festive period, with a new album hitting the shelves on December 2.

Instead of her normal songs about love and heartbreak, Leona has opted to release a festive offering. Christmas, with Love was inspired by some of her favourite music, but Leona couldn’t quite get into the holiday mood when she recorded the songs.

“I’ve been thinking about doing one [Christmas album] for a while. It’s inspired by the Motown Phil Spector album I listen to every Christmas.

“It was fun to do, but bizarrely, we did it in Brighton during the sunniest summer ever. I was sitting in the studio, in the heat, recording Christmas songs – it was crazy!” she said.