will.i.am wants someone to take him to Egypt for Christmas.

The Black Eyed Peas star has made a lot of money during his career but that doesn't mean he always treats himself. There are still many things his friends and family could give him over the holidays, although he isn't sure he'll receive his main wish.

"I want to go to Egypt. I want someone who knows all of the secrets to take me inside the tombs and the Pyramids and the sphinxes. That's my big dream. Man, that would be dope," he told British magazine Heat.

will explained the festive season is his favourite time of year. He prides himself on picking the perfect gifts for his loved ones, sometimes big and sometimes small.

"I love Christmas. I like to see people's faces when I give them gifts. I'm a good gift giver," he explained. "I make sure I really wow them. They don't have to be expensive presents, they just have to be like, 'Where did you get this at? That is so great.' I also like giving gifts, just because. I'll be like, 'Happy January,' or, 'Happy second Tuesday of the month.' I like being random."

will is still proud of the time he gave his grandmother a house. He took her to the street where it was located and explained he had bought her the property. The pair then took his aunt for a walk to show her the neighbourhood, with will surprising her with a home next door.