Kanye West and Kim Kardashian reportedly ooze “gracious” holiday cheer.

The Hollywood couple were spotted happily dining at one of the rapper’s favourite Chicago pizza restaurants on Thursday afternoon.

And an eyewitness tells Radar Online they made a special effort to ensure their good vibrations spilled over to everyone in the eatery.

“When their pizza was ready, they shared with their Giordano’s server how much they loved the pizza and offered to take a photo with the staff when they were done,” an eyewitness detailed, noting the lovebirds “left a gracious tip” to servers.

“While Kanye went to pose, Kim got a phone call and stepped outside to take it near their car. Kanye called after Kim but she was out of earshot and he just took the photo solo and thanks everyone on his way out the door, then the couple drove off.

“More than 10 minutes later, much to her surprise, the Giordano’s hostess looked up and saw Kim back in the restaurant standing among guests waiting for a table.”

Although initially diners and staff thought Kim completely forgot about them, they were chuffed to see her return.

The star purportedly couldn’t bear leaving the pizza parlour before wishing everyone happy holidays.

“Kim realised that she offered to take a photo and spaced out when she was on her call,” the insider recalled.

“She asked her driver to turn around and come back so she could to apologise to the restaurant. She then posed with stunned staffers before wishing them all well for the holidays and the duo drove off again in their black SUV.

“Everyone who interacted with the couple remarked how incredibly kind they were and how nice it was that Kim came back to take that photo.”