Celine Dion says her marriage just gets “better and better”.

The singer has been married to Rene Angelil for 19 years, and they have three children - René-Charles Angelil, Nelson Angelil and Eddy Angelil.

According to Celine, keeping her family life happy is very simple and easy.

“There’s no secret. It gets better and better. It’s amazing. It’s like there’s different stages of love. It grows, evolves and changes, for the best,” she told Extra.

Celine hosted CBS Special A Home for the Holidays, which aired in the US on Wednesday night.

The TV event raised awareness for foster children, and the singer revealed she and Rene considered adopting before she got pregnant.

“We tried so many years to have our first child, six years we tried and we took adoption in consideration, but we persisted,” Celine said, adding “You never know” if they might still consider it.

The superstar was moved to tears while filming the show, saying it was heartbreaking to think of children who didn’t have a home.

According to the My Heart Will Go On singer, she really wanted the event to make a difference.

"It didn't take, I mean. I was trying not to look, but I was feeling all the children around the stage, and I didn't want to cry. When a child is hoping for a dad or a mom -- that is not acceptable," she told CBS.