Julian Lennon took time out to speak to Music-News.com after a special screening of his new documentary 'Through The Picture Window' in Soho House Hotel, central London yesterday.

Tallking exclusively to Music-News.com about his photography Julian said "It's early days yet, there are a lot of work and collections behind the scenes that will be out next year. And also the artistic stills on the film 'The Price Of Desire' about Eileen Gray and Corbusier which you should wikipedia if you don't know them, it's a pretty special film and I've been excited to work behind the scenes on that. There will be a book a box set and and exhibition coming out of this too."

Check out the full Music-News.com interview below.

The new documentary 'Through The Picture Window' showcases and examines Julian’s work and relationships: what motivates and informs them; and in doing so, frames a revealing portrait of Julian Lennon the Artist: the inside truth about his music, his philanthropy, and his new-found love of photography.

The lush and stylised film is packed full of fascinating imagery and exclusive interview footage featuring the likes of Bono, Steven Tyler, and of course, Julian himself. The interactive viewing mode of the documentary with animated butterflies tempts the user to explore the songs, videos and other content.

Julian has also embraced modern technology in delivering his art to his fans with an all-encompassing app including the 14 videos, acoustic versions, all in audio, film and visually interactive format.

More info on the documentary here

App iTunes: http://bit.ly/1dp0Prj
App Android: http://bit.ly/IEOVjw
DVD: http://bit.ly/INnjJA
Download: http://store.julianlennon.com/
Merch: http://bit.ly/1kyBXzG