Richie Sambora is maintaining that his departure from the Bon Jovi tour earlier this year was not because of a disagreement with the band but all about family.

Sambora talked to the Hollywood Reporter that being part of Bon Jovi was a 24/7 job "and you don’t get to come home. I missed so much of my child’s life. And you get to that place where you realize, 'Oh, my god, this is really important.'"

So he took the time to be with his daughter with Heather Locklear, who is starting her acting career, but also his mother who broke her hip six weeks ago. "Everything has its time and I needed to be with myself for the first time in a long time. I had some time to grow up, because rock 'n' roll will make you a virtual 17-year old."

Along with a number of other stories, Sambora also addressed his possible future with Bon Jovi. "Yes, I would think about it for sure. There’s no malice here. You get along for 30 years, that’s a damn good marriage."

For more on Sambora, including his recent duet with Stevie Wonder, go to the Hollywood Reporter.

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