Paris Jackson's family are reportedly urging her to stop seeking out stories about her father.

The teenager attempted suicide earlier this year and is now attending a therapeutic school in Utah to help her deal with her issues.

Her father Michael Jackson died of acute Propofol intoxication in June 2009, with his personal physician Conrad Murray convicted of his involuntary manslaughter. He was recently released from prison and continues to claim he did not administer the fatal dose of anaesthetic. Conrad has given several interviews and Paris' mother Debbie Rowe and grandmother Katherine Jackson are said to be concerned about their effect on her.

"Debbie and Katherine know Paris can't be shielded from the outside world forever, but they want to protect her from any further scandal. They want her to stop reading the stories about her dad and looking out for them on the internet because they know it's destroying her. It's clear she still has a long way to go, but they want to support her through this," a source told British magazine Closer.

In one interview, Conrad refused to comment on whether he thought Michael was a paedophile. He also spoke about Michael being incontinent at night, with Paris upset by his words.

"Paris was devastated by Conrad's interview. She's hardly been able to sleep since he's been out of prison and is in a very dark place. She hates the idea of anyone trying to savage her memory of Michael. She wants everyone to leave him alone," the insider added.

Paris' family have rallied around her in a bid to ensure she focuses on getting better. They are said to be deeply concerned that Conrad's interviews could cause a setback in terms of her recovery.

"Debbie is desperately worried and concerned, even though she knows Paris is in the right place, receiving the best help possible and she's been able to visit her. Her grandmother and brothers, Prince and 11-year-old Blanket, have all been to see her, too," the source said.