Snoop Dogg transforms into ‘Snoopzilla’ for his new funk music LP.

The 42-year-old rapper joined forces with producer Dâm-Funk on his upcoming seven-song 7 Days of Funk album.

Earlier this year Snoop released a reggae record under alias ‘Snoop Lion’ and now he plans to bring the funk with the force of his new persona ‘Snoopzilla’.

"Me and Dâm, we always wanted to work together, now we're able to so we said, 'Let's just go in and do a project where nobody tells us what to rap about or what to sing about or what to make the beats about, but let's just go from a perspective of what feels good to us right now.' This is what feels good," Snoop told MTV News of his latest musical transformation.

The musician’s early career saw him rap over beats that sampled the music of funk forefathers like George Clinton.

Snoop confirms he and Dâm acknowledged these pioneering musicians in their songs.

"We love the funk that was inspired, that created us,” he explained.

“So it's like paying homage at the same time by bringing some brand-new funk to the table.”

Dâm is signed to Stones Throw Records and the musician is considered by many to be the king of modern-funk.

The Los Angeles native is thrilled to be working with a Southern Californian legend like Snoop.

"I've already been following Snoop's career for so long, it just was an honour to be able to connect with him and provide some musical bed for his great vocals and talents," Dâm said.

Snoop’s record with Dâm, 7 Days of Funk, will be released December 10.