Susan Boyle regrets not having a family.

Although the singer is yet to find love, she is still hopeful it will happen.

Having only dated one man in her life, Susan told the audience when she auditioned for 2009's Britain's Got Talent that she'd never been kissed.

"I regret not having a family of my own, but that's because I've been waiting for the right man to come along. I just haven't met him - I'm still looking. I'm patiently waiting.

"The type of person I'd be looking for would be somebody who doesn't see me as a celebrity, someone who sees me as an ordinary person. It's very hard to find that once you've been out there," Susan told Britain's OK magazine.

Susan is adamant that any potential suitors must see her as normal person, and not to confuse that with her stage persona.

She jokes that she once set her sights on Piers Morgan, but has grown out of that phase and is now looking for someone she can laugh with.

"My ideal man is someone who's kind, unattached and who saw me for who I was and not my persona on stage. And they'd have to have a good sense of humour. They broke the mould when they made me! I want to have a laugh but I want to be taken seriously too."

Although she has no children of her own, the 52-year-old Scotswoman has a large extended family with 16 nieces and nephews.

While she's happy to help them out from time-to-time, Susan thinks it's important they don't rely on her financial situation and should make their own way in life.

"I know what it's like to sit with nothing, so I hold on to what I have. I help the family as much as possible, but I hold a wee bit back for myself," she said.